Washington Sales Tax - Do I pay?

At White Swan Farm Supply we offer a tax break that the competitor cannot offer. Due to being a Indian Owned business all sales in Indian County are exempt from WA taxes.


What is considered Indian Country?

Indian country: has the same meaning as given in 18 U.S.C. 1151 and means:

(i) All land within the limits of any Indian reservation under the jurisdiction of the United States government, notwithstanding the issuance of any patent, and, including rights of way running through the reservation;

(ii) All Indian allotments, the Indian titles to which have not been extinguished, including rights of way running through the same.

How do I set up a White Swan Farm Supply account?

Complete a New Customer Application and either email, mail or drop off at our office.

What services do you offer?

We offer petroleum, propane, and lubricant products at an unbeatable price. We offer installations on homes and commercial buildings.

Where do I send payment?

Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card or via ACH.

When do I receive a bill?

You receive an invoice from your delivery on-site. Our billing department processes and invoices you within 3 days. Customers can request the invoice be mailed, faxed or emailed.

Do you offer rewards for new customers referrals?

We are always looking for new customers and would welcome any referrals. Depending on the customer we may be able to provide a rebate.